Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sucky Long Day Today~

It's now 8.30
Class at 11
Fuckin French by Miss Andrea
Suck her english
I came at 6.15
Just because of parking
Suck Taylors
And my house still no internet
So come College online do Assignments
Suck TM
Class till 5.30
But staying back become commis for Yin Ying
Gerard is sick
So I'm taking over
No problem~
Car still looks good
Last but not least
Suck ANG ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Lost 1 but I don't wanna Lost 2~

Fuck this week...
First week of term 5
Moody all the while
Everyday come at 6am
Online pulak
House no Internet
Temptations still guided by Jibai Ang
Juniors getting pissed as usual
Nothing odd in that
I've lost a good friend
Dunno what happened to him
But the way he talks these days pissed me off
I dunno how to help him
As a friend I fail as well
I dunno about others
But I bet they have the same idea as well
Don't care~
Then there was Jessie...
It was my fault as well
I did not take action
Yet take it lightly
We joked with her too much this time
Joked about deffering term stuff
Everyone has a limit
I have no internet that time
I could have done something
But I didn't
Yesterday called her up
Told her everything
She's still Not in the mood
She still hates me I guess
I hope she'll forgive and forget
1 and a Half year I knew her
I don't wanna lost a friend like her
I should do something today
Not sure what but i'll think of something
I saw the wall post comments just now
Ariff still not aware of the situation
Added oil to fire
I've got nothing to say
If can
I don't wish to see them argue like that on Facebook...
I'm Tired of all these
Wish it could end peacefully
Back to friends again
That's all I wanted...
Last but not Least...
Fuck Ang~

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Line~

Fuck this month
No internet
No car
No nothing
Training ended finally
Ang is still the same
Even after what we all did o help him
We realise that he is in a bad shape under Numa
And we're sorry for it
But still...
No change at all
I hope he get sacked
but now he's non of my business
I wanna thank Ariff, George, Yew and CK for the ride home during training
My new car shall arrive next week
Mom bought me a Hyundai I10
Some of my friend said it's not nice
But I like
I actually prefer a malaysian car
Either Myvi or Viva
But my mom don't trust malaysia car
So she bought the I10
A solid blue one I think
So maybe next week college will have to tumpang people for 3 days
I really need a car
I'm gonna take care of the I10 like no tomorrow
Last but not least
Screw Ang ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holiday Started~

Holiday started
Till 20th
But I'll need off on the 20 and 21
Cause I'm moving house
So soon...
Still no car
Sucks to be me
Maybe i'll go find a job next week
Maybe go back to Shook!
Part time
RM5 per hour
Not bad la~
Can learn some stuff
Tomorrow Raya
Non of my business
I hate Raya~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lots to say~

Lately didn't update my blog
Don't even have time to online
Not even SMS Sharon
Cause I have such a short free time
And lots of work
As well as important stuff to worry about
Do I still love her?
Saw her yesterday
She's still as cute as ever
But sad I couldn't get a chance to talk to her
Was busy doing service
Maybe I should give her a call sometime
Don't wanna kacau her
She should be concentrating on her Finals right now
Hope she gets it pass~
Last week was Asaban Fest
Quite Ok la~
Alot of stupid looking cosplayers
Maybe next post upload photos
Or maybe straight on Facebook?
See if I got the time
Suck as always
That day Sick
Because of something small
Which no actions is taken
People not only me get sick
Kesian Chia Chia
And me as well
I'm working in Local kitchen
So much work to do
But staff always don't come without a reason
I work so hard for what?
Come so early prepare this and that
I don't care if people saw me working so hard
Problem is
Don't make use of me
Lately becoming more and more lazy
Because of irresponsible people
I've became lazy while working
Push all the work to them
I shouldn't do so
As for Chef Ang
He has no more Office
Management moved his table away
Maybe because of his stupid attitude
Serve him right
But now he's invading the Pastry kitchen
Making us all even angry
He's trying to be friendly with us
But no one back him up
There's nothing to be Kesian of
Cause We gave him chance after chance
Don't change?
Go to hell~
You critic people doing things all the time
But customer complain say your food not nice
You blame your students
What kind of Chef are you
You're 36 years old
And you can't even take a small critic?
Some kind of chef you are
Fuck you~
I have totally no respect towards you anymore
I just wanna do my job
After all these shit hole
Is not just cuisine and cooking skills I've learned
I've learn to be more and more responsible while working
All I need to do is make sure I get the job done
Be on time and not to be lazy
This way I know that I've done my part
I'm Proud of it
Don't care
I'm just a Trainee
I do not have the rights to fight for it
I don't have to
Cause if people THINK that I'm working hard
They will surely do something about it
Always stay quiet and observe
Edmund taught me this,
"The loudest in the kitchen is always the weakest"
meaning that the one's who always complain is always the laziest
I'll keep this in mind
I've changed a lot
I can see it for myself
I'm proud of it
Just got my salary today
But no bank card....
Stupid wallet
Dunno go where
I wanna drive
But no IC and License
2 days ago went do police report
Tomorrow do Student ID
Maybe this Saturday go do IC
Sad Fuck~
Next week is Raya
Not going back Pontian
Only 2 day off
Thursday and Friday...
Then 2 more weeks
Move house~
Tired fuck~
September full of stuff going on
A bunch of PSP and XBOX 360 games coming out
Have to finish most of it
Or else term 5 no time
Lots of nice movies coming out as well
I'll be waiting
I guess~
Wish me luck
On work and life

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lonely Wuss~

Said I love her
Said I wanna be with her
I've getting less and less contact with her
What am I doing
I spend too much time on work
And less on her
My phone is down again
I'm getting mad
I dunno what to do
I'm having a nightmare
Hate this life...
Maybe now's not the time for me
To have a relationship
Maybe I'm not qualified to...
I'm looking down on myself
I'm feeling so sad right now
I'm Lonely~

Friday, August 13, 2010


This week is hell of a week
That day
I give my opinion to Chef Ang
That my way of cooking potatoes
Is much faster
Mine was
Peel, cut and boil
His was wash, boil, peel and cut
My way was much faster
He came and scold me
And my friends
And wanted me to do it his way
Which is a waste of time
Fore Ala carte ok
Mass production no way
He sacked me
Ask me to go local
Because he over exaggerate
Which he thinks that I'm arguing with him
Stupid Chef
Work in so many restaurants never know such simple rule
Just listen before you talk la
Son of a bitch~
I felt so down
Under pressure
I burst into tears
Wei Wern called Mr Numa
We chatted
But nothing seems to happened~
I went back
He apologize
I did not accept mentally
I accept Physically
He's an ass
He'll take his revenge
And he did
Forced me to go local
Which is a no for me
Cause If you force someone to do things he don't like
You think that person will perform well?
He'll fall and die
I have no Interest in going local
I don't like
Fuck that Ang
But Leader Ah Yew helping me
I hope she made the right decision
I believe in her~
Long time didn't see Sharon...
She don't seems to reply my messages often
I hope she's ok
Or maybe I annoyed her...?
I don't know~
Should I ask her out this weekend?
Maybe not~
I have bigger things to worry about
I'll make up some time I guess~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Saturday?~

Went out with Sharon and her friend yesterday
She looks Cute
Her eyes are beautiful
Smile was charming~
But me...
I was quiet
Thinking about work
Kept quiet and follow them as they shop
Kindda bad~
And I'm sorry
But things change
When she showed me the shop
Which I've been finding it
For a long time already
I was so happy
But the price was like
So expensive
Cause came by plane
So I join her back
And went to Gasoline
My first meal of the day
Thought they wanna go out at night
Bring them to snowflakes or something
They were tired by the looks of their faces
So I sent them home
As well as Sharon
Kindda nice day I guess
It relaxes my mind
For a day~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shut up~

I may not know how to talk
Sometimes I might make people unhappy
Sometimes not
I seldom talk now I guess
I only know how to Act
Not talk~
Actions Speaks Louder than Words
That's who I am
Shutting up
Is the best solution~

Monday, August 2, 2010

What have I done all these time~

What the Fuck?
Being so productive for what?
Come so early everyday for what?
Work so hard for what?
Why am I still on her?
Why do I love her so much?
Knowing that she doesn't?
What the hell am I doing?
Like seriously...
I just wanna be with her...
I'll keep on trying~
Tulips in my room
Are dieing...
Should have gave it to her that night...
I didn't sleep well
And I was busy on Sundays
I'm such a fuck up person...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What to do with the Tulips~

I'm Ready~
To go out with her
Got my hairstyle done
Got myself dressed up
And my 20 colourful tulips
Just done decorating
No rain yet
I'm going now
Pick her up
And off to Snowflakes
Or maybe movies?
Haven't asked her yet
Rain Fell
As I received her SMS
She felt uncomfortable
Going out today...
Ask if we could do it tomorrow
I'm not free
Whatever the reason is...
She starts to blame herself
For telling me last minute
I don't blame her
Nor the rain
It's just me
Putting too much effort
On an outing with her
What to do with the Tulips?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Sharon, Why~

Why are you always sad
Said you'll stay strong
But you kept it inside
I went
Reading your blog
I didn't know you were having hard time
Why do you keep it for yourself?
I'm always here~
Always available
You're not unwanted...
Being friendly doesn't mean flirting around with guys
So don't care about those people
Be happy of who you are
Make your life worth living
You're a nice girl
Thats why,
I fell in love
with you
Don't keep your sadness alone
It hurts
For me to see you sad
And whatever you do,
Don't try to smoke
There's always a solution~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy and Tired~

I'm tired of doing Temptations
Because of some stupid Issues
With that Guy
Not the team
My days are numbered
I'm stressed
I'm a leader of the cold kitchen
I can't produce anything
I'm a failure
I'm only interested in Japanese cuisine
My western sucks
Others did better
I don't care no more~
About Sharon...
I'm not giving up
Never will
I've never fell in Love
This badly
Is this really what people call 'love'
If such relationship occur
Will there be a happy ending?
You'll never now
You gave it a try
I wanna see
If I'm fit being her Boyfriend
So I asked her
To go out with me this Saturday
Still waiting her reply...
Till now~
Maybe she doesn't want it
I don't mind~
: )

Monday, July 26, 2010

By the Lakeside~

Saw her today
By the lake side
This time
I had my chance
I went after
But somehow
I chicken out
Feeding fish with Kenny instead
What was I thinking...
I sat bedside her
Look her in the eyes
Her make up was perfect
Eyes are as beautiful as always
Her smile was innocent
She's Lovely~
I couldn't stand being like this anymore
I should have told her
How much I missed her
I wanna held her in my arms
I can't
I'm a failure
I'm too Embarrassed to do so
My Mind went Blank every time I get a chance to see her
I hate myself
A Lot~

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Don't wanna Loose you~

I feel that
My relationship with her
Is getting further
I don't wanna loose you~
We're not Together
But I love her
We seldom talk
But we do msn
I'm Happy that I could see her everyday
From a Distance
In the cafeteria
I miss those days when we Chat together
I don't know how she feels about me
But I bet there's still a chance
To win her heart
Wish I could date her tomorrow
Or the day after
My stupid car broke down
And This whole week
I'm Stressed and pressured
In Temptations
Why did I choose to train there?
Is it because of Her?
Or Friends?
I saw Sharon this morning
For the first time
I really felt like hugging her
Wanna felt her Warmth
Her Comfort
But she's not my Girl
So I can't~

Friday, July 16, 2010

Training Week 1~

Fuck up week
Thought that it's gonna be fun at Temptations
But it's not...
That so call Chef Instructor
Chef Ang~
Pain in the ass
He teaches weird stuff
Wrong stuff
He's Lan si
I have nothing to say about him
He talks alot
Fuck him
Thing start to happened in Temptation among us juniors and seniors
I can't comment much about this
Cause I have no Proof
Oh well...
At least my senior Yin Ying is Still ok
She's my leader
I help her she help me
Cause she has not much knowledge on food
As well as her skills
I'll try my best to help her
Cause we're a Team
Yesterday night was Bon Odori~
'She' couldn't make it
And so I felt a bit sad
This year there was more people
And no Balloons
I missed her badly
Every time I think of her
My mind went blank
And when I see her face to face
My heart went pounding
I'm curious about her
I wanna know more about her
I guess~
I still loved her
I wanted to be there for her
I want to be part of her Life
Cause I love her
I'll win over your heart
No matter what it takes
I'll show you how serious I am
Towards your love

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need Rest~

I need a rest
From all these relationship thing
I need some time to think
I know she needs one too
I can see it from her way of speech
Training coming
Stress Coming

Friday, July 9, 2010

For You~

It's been months since I blog.
When I look back in it
I felt like starting things over again
And so begin the new me
Early this year I had training
When I came back college I met this girl name Sharon
And so I fell in Love yet once more
It went deep
But found out she was just being herself
She kept blaming herself for what she had done to me
But I told her that it was ok
If she choose me
I'll give her my best
Cause from her blog
I could tell that we're on the same boat
I loved her
Yes I do
If only there's a chance for us
But it's too early
She's still on recovery from her ex
I wanna help her for now
Be by her side
Cause she's lonely
I can tell
Just by sms-ing or msn-ing
I told her I'll be there for her
All the time
So as for now like I've said
I'll be by your side
That's my Love for you~